The Estonian Welsh Corgi Club has been under this name since August 2017. The previous name of the association was Estonian Corgi Club "Gigi" (founded on 07.11.2007).

The goal of our Corgi Club is to unite owners, breeders and other breed enthusiasts. The Club is also a member of the Estonian Kennel Association and is guided in its activities by the good dog breeding practices and principles of the Estonian Kennel Association. The activity of the Corgi Club is to collect and share knowledge about the welsh corgi pembroke & welsh corgi cardigan breeds to those interested, to assist owners in breeding and breeding issues, and to organize various nice events.

For the general good of the breed in Estonia, the Corgi Club contributes to the coordination of breeding and raising public awareness of this special breed. By belonging to the Corgi Club, you can communicate with other welsh corgi owners, have a say on issues concerning the breed and thereby contribute to the development of the breed.

Board members of the Corgi Club:
  •  Maris Lepik (kennel Mileedreams - welsh corgi pembroke)
  • Külli Rajapuu (kennel Bright Cardiband - welsh corgi cardigan)
  • Maie Oja (kennel Suchastellar - welsh corgi cardigan, long-haired dachshund)